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JLINK TV is the ultimate app for internet TV providing the best premium TV has to offer at an extremely affordable month to month rate.

Watch all your favorite channels including HBO, Cinemax, Sports, FX, Discovery and much more. JLINK TV includes over 300 channels live in HD quality ready to stream to your TV, PC or mobile device 24/7. Don't miss out on the next revolution of TV services brining premium cable to you directly over the internet.

Run our application on your TV or PC to get instant access to a portofolio of live premium telivision. The revolution has arrived and its time to drop your epensive cable company for a cost effective and better solution. It truly is a seeing is believing moment with JLINK TV on your devices.

Super Fast

Instantly loads, no long buffer and compatibility with any TV that has an HDMI connection


Order the package you need and only what channels you need. Only want to watch the latest in sports? No Problem.

Save Money

With starting at only $20/month for premium access, no standard cable company can match our rates or our overall savings.

Be Happy

Find yourself fully entertained with endless options of shows and movies to choose from 24/7.

Our Top Watched Channels

A few of our top watched channels that not only bring you JLINK TV, but ensure you never leave.

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